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Short Term Disability Insurance | Allstate

Short Term Disability Insurance

Helps replace your income if you become injured or too ill to work due to an off-the-job injury/covered sickness

Here's what you need to know

Your paycheck is the economic engine you and your family rely upon to pay the bills each month (and save for the future, too).  What pays those bills if an illness, injury, or pregnancy temporarily prevents you from working – and your income stops or is reduced for a period of time?


Short Term Disability Insurance provides a monthly benefit as a result of an off-the-job injury or covered sickness and cannot work. Coverage includes benefits that can help if you have a covered total, partial or recurrent disability. Disability coverage provides monthly cash benefits that can be used to help pay mortgage or rent payments, utility bills, child care, groceries and more. Instead of worrying about lost income, you can focus on a full recovery and successful return to the workplace.

Your employer doesn’t want you to suffer financially if a short term disability happens to you. That’s why you have access to Short Term Disability Insurance featuring:


  • A maximum benefit of $5,000 per month
  • Pays benefits for up to 6 months
  • Premiums are affordable and conveniently payroll deducted

These are the periods when you are eligible to enroll for Short Term Disability Insurance:


  • Within your 31-day new hire enrollment period
  • Within 31 days of a qualifying life event (you get married, have a baby, etc.)
  • During your employer’s annual enrollment 


Keep in mind: If you enroll during these timeframes, you have what is called "guaranteed issue," which means no medical questions or tests are required to enroll. Pre-existing condition limitations may apply.

These form(s) are in Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) format and are available for downloading and printing.


Short Term Disability Insurance Brochure

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How It Works

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You enroll in Short Term Disability Insurance

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You become injured or ill and declared disabled by a physician

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You submit a claim

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Receive monthly cash benefit

During a bike ride, you fall and hurt your back.

You are unable to work for several months.

With Short Term Disability Insurance, you have a monthly cash benefit you can count on to help pay rent, car payments, utilities or even groceries.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Who is the provider?

    Allstate Benefits is a leading provider of employee benefits. They are committed to delivering superior products and services with cutting-edge technology, exceptional customer service and compassionate claims administration. With over 40,000 groups in force and insuring more than three million employees, they uphold the GoodHands® promise every day.
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  • Who in my family is eligible for this insurance?

    Members of your family who are considered eligible to enroll for insurance include:

    • You – if you are an active employee 
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  • How much does this coverage cost?

    This is group insurance offered at group rates. Refer to the policy documents for complete details. 
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  • What if my employment status changes?

    Coverage ends when employment ends.  Short Term Disability is not portable.
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  • When would my coverage start?

    Benefits start the first day after the Elimination Period when you are totally disabled and cannot work. You must be an active employee on the date your disability occurs for disability benefits to be payable.


    The elimination periods are as follows:

    • For Accident: 7 days
    • For Sickness: 7 days
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  • How does Short Term Disability Insurance work?

    You choose a monthly benefit up to the guaranteed issue benefit. Please see the additional descriptions below.

    • Total Disability Benefit: Allstate Benefits pays the monthly benefit amount after the elimination period if they receive sufficient proof that you are totally disabled. Benefits will not continue beyond the maximum benefit period for total disability.
    • Partial Disability Benefit: Allstate Benefits pays 50% of the monthly benefit if they receive sufficient proof that you are partially disabled. Benefits paid under this benefit count towards your maximum benefit period.
    • Concurrent Disability: During any period in which you are disabled due to more than one cause, benefits will be paid as if you are disabled due to only one cause. In no event will being disabled due to more than one cause extend the time for which benefits will be paid under the maximum benefit period.
    • Recurrent Disability: If you have a recurrent disability, Allstate Benefits will treat the disability as part of the prior claim and another elimination period will not have to be completed if you were continuously insured under the policy for the period between the prior claim and the recurrent disability. Your recurrent disability will be subject to the same terms as your prior claim.


    For a complete description of this and other requirements that must be met, refer to the Certificate of Insurance or contact Allstate Benefits with any questions.

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  • Is there a waiting period?

    Benefits are not paid for a disability that starts within 12 months of your effective date from a pre-existing condition.
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  • Is it possible for benefits to be reduced?

    Your monthly disability benefit may be reduced if you receive disability payments from other deductible sources of income, including individual disability income policies, other group insurance coverage, paid time off, salary continuation, sick leave, or state or federal disability benefits.

Are you ready To Enroll?

You are eligible to enroll during any qualifying event (new hires, life events) or during the open enrollment period.

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  • Legal Disclaimers

    Group Short Term Disability benefits are provided under policy form GVDIP, or state variations thereof. 


    This is a brief overview of the benefits available under the group policy underwritten by American Heritage Life Insurance Company (Home Office, Jacksonville, FL). Details of the coverage, including exclusions and other limitations are included in the certificates issued. For additional information, you may contact your Allstate Benefits Representative.

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