Identity Theft Protection

Identity Theft Protection


Every year millions of people have their identity stolen. IDShield provides the identity theft protection and identity restoration services you not only need but deserve.


Have you ever used public wi-fi? Have you ever lost your wallet or left a credit card behind? Have you ever been worried about becoming a victim of identity theft?


All day, every day, IDShield members are empowered and protected through our team of licensed private investigators. Protecting the identities of families and individuals has been our business since 2003.



You are eligible to enroll during any qualifying event (new hires, life events) or during the open enrollment period.


To enroll, call 1-800-698-2849, or click the “Enroll Now” button below.

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An individual plan is $3.21 per pay period or $5.98 per pay period for the family plan. IDShield's family plan provides coverage for you, your spouse and up to 10 dependent children.


IDShield Plan Benefits Include:

  • Identity Consultation and Advice
  • Identity and Credit Monitoring
  • Identity and Credit Threat Alerts
  • Full-Service Identity Restoration
  • Direct Access to Licensed Private Investigators
  • Monthly Credit Score Tracker
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • $3 Million Identity Fraud Protection Plan
  • Unlimited Service Guarantee
  • Mobile App




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Answers about the plan, including eligibility, options, enrollment, customer service and more.

  • Who is the provider?

    IDShield, a division of LegalShield, provides identity theft protection in all 50 states plus 4 Canadian provinces. They protect over 1 million lives and support their customers everyday with 24/7 customer support.


    Their team of US based specialists and Licensed Private Investigators are the most knowledgeable in the industry. With their unlimited recovery promise they offer a level of service unmatched in the Identity Theft industry.

  • How can this help me?

    Benefits of IDShield include:

    • Unlimited Consultation
      • Unlimited consultation with a Licensed Private Investigator
      • Live support with 24/7/365 access for emergencies
      • Identity theft and common scams
      • Data breach notifications
      • Sex offender search
      • Reduced junk mail and pre-approved offers
      • Lost/stolen wallet support
      • Medical data reports
      • Online privacy and reputation management
    • Identity and Credit Monitoring
      • Privacy information monitored:
        • The participant’s name
        • SSN
        • Address
        • Date of birth
        • Email addresses (up to 10)
        • Phone numbers (up to 10)
        • Driver’s license
        • Passport number
        • Medical ID numbers (up to 10)
        • Credit/debit/retail card numbers (up to 10 each)
        • Bank account numbers (up to 10)
        • Mother’s maiden name
        • National Provider Identifier Number (NPI)
        • Usernames and Passwords
        • Investment account numbers
      • Credit monitoring and monthly credit score tracking
      • Social media monitoring (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube)
    • Daily Monitoring via Extensive Sources
      • Daily monitoring includes:
        • Credit and collection accounts
        • Public records and credit report inquiries
        • Bankruptcies, liens and judgments
        • Dark web monitoring
      • Internet monitoring that includes:
        • Forums
        • Websites (over 10,000 a day)
        • Web pages (over 6,000 a day)
        • Twitter feeds
        • P2P sources
        • Hidden/anonymous web services and more
    • Full-Service Restoration
      • Comprehensive identity restoration services by Licensed Private Investigators
      • One-on-one consultation and advocacy on behalf of the participant, utilizing a Limited Power of Attorney to take on the bulk of the work required to not only resolve known issues, but also proactively identify and resolve unknown potential identity theft events
      • Covers pre-existing identity theft issues, regardless of time passed
      • $3 Million Identity Fraud Protection Plan
    • IDShield Mobile App Features
      • Receive real-time alerts
      • Track your monthly credit score
      • Credit score tracker — updated monthly
      • Direct access to Licensed Private Investigators
      • 24/7 emergency access
      • Track and edit monitored information
      • Family plan participants can add/manage monitored children
      • And more!


    For more information, please visit

  • Who is covered?

    Individual Plan: Covers the participant (employee).


    Family Plan: The IDShield Family Plan covers the participant (employee), participant’s spouse/partner, and up to 10 dependent children under the age of 26. Consultation, monitoring and restoration services are provided to dependent children under the age of 18. Consultation and restoration services are provided to dependent children ages 18 to 26.


  • When can I enroll?

    As a new hire, you can enroll during your new hire enrollment period. Outside of your new hire enrollment period, enrollment is limited to a qualified life event or the voluntary open enrollment period.




  • After enrolling how can I start to use this benefit?

    IDShield will send you a member number and instructions on how to create your account when your plan becomes effective. You will need this member number to create your IDShield account at You will be asked to create a username and password and answer questions to verify your identity to completely set-up your identity and credit monitoring. This is important because verification of your identity is needed to start the credit monitoring service. Once you have verified your identity you can enter in your personally identifiable information to be monitored. If you enroll in a family plan this is where you can enter any qualified dependent children to be monitored as well. For a spouse/partner to monitor their information a separate account will need to be created.


    Once you have created your account you can download the mobile app and simply login with your created login credentials.

  • How do you download the IDShield mobile app?

    The IDShield mobile app is available for download on both Apple and Android devices. Once downloaded you will be asked to login, to login you will use the account username and password you created when setting up your account at
  • How do I cancel or change my membership?

    You can only cancel your membership at your company’s next open enrollment.

    To make any of the below coverage changes, please call Member Services*.

    - Dependents

    - Names

    - Address, etc.


    *Please note a dependent cannot call in and make changes to coverage.

  • What happens to my coverage if I terminate employment?

    Upon termination, participants will receive information from IDShield with options and instructions for continuing coverage directly with IDShield. Coverage options and monthly costs will be the same as the current group plan and rate. If coverage is not continued, benefits will end 45 days after employment is terminated.
  • Do I have to be a victim of identity theft to use these services?

    No, you do not have to be a victim of identity theft to take advantage of the services offered by IDShield.
  • How often are alerts sent?

    Identity and credit threat alerts are sent daily. If a hard credit inquiry is made the alert will be sent in real-time.
  • Who is covered with the $3 Million Identity Fraud Protection Plan?

    IDShield's $3 Million Identity Fraud Protection Plan provides coverage for expenses and legal costs incurred by the participant and or the participant’s spouse/eligible dependents. This plan covers expenses for the following events if a stolen identity event or unauthorized electronic funds transfer is reported:

    • Costs for refiling, notarization, credit reports, public record changes, travel, elder/child care, expedition of credit/debit card replacement, or accountant fees
    • Lost wages
    • Legal defense fees and expenses
    • Unauthorized electronic fund transfers

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